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DIY Espadrilles

Flavia Giuzio

Hi Everyone!

     I am so glad that I finally got around to writing a new blog post! I have been incredibly busy with the classes I am taking at Otis College of Arts and Design and working on new patterns for Alchimisti (Can't wait to share them with everyone soon!)

     For my first blog post after my hiatus of sorts I decided to share my experience making my first EVER pair of shoes!! A couple of months ago I saw some DIY espadrilles around the internet and started playing with the idea of making myself a pair. So I became slightly obsessed with the idea of making them! I looked up MANY references on Pinterest and started hunting for the perfect fabrics. Then one day while visiting Michael Levine in downtown LA I found a gold animal print fabric brocade that stole my heart. I mean it was love at first sight and I knew I had to use this fabric for my first espadrilles!

     As so I bought the fabric (even though I could only afford a yard and a half of it haha) and some black leather scraps. After that I also got found some extra soft (and extra hard to cut as it turns out) black knit to use as the lining from Joann.

     So here is what you will need to make your own DIY espadrilles the way I made mine:

- 1 pair of Dritz Espadrilles Adult Sole on your size 

- 0.6  yard (0,5 meter) of fashion fabric (outer fabric) 

- 0.6 yard (0,5 meter) of lining 

- Medium weight fusing interfacing

- Leather scraps

Dritz Espadrilles Yarn, 10 yd ( or any other yarn that is the same weight as this one) 

- E6000 Permanent Craft Adhesive

I also recommend getting these items since they were very helpful when I was making the espadrilles:

Dritz 6 Count Espadrilles Needles, Assorted

Dritz Espadrilles Needle Puller

- Beeswax 


1) Cut 2 fashion fabric, 2 lining fabric and 4 medium fusible interfacing using pattern piece for TOE. 

Cut 2 fashion fabric, 2 lining fabric and 4 medium fusible interfacing using pattern piece for HEEL.

Cut 2 medium fusible interfacing using pattern piece TOE STABILIZER and 2 medium fusible interfacing using pattern piece using HEEL STABILIZER

Note: I decided to use double fusing + heel and toe stabilizers because both of my fabrics were not as stable as I needed them to be and wanted to give my fabrics some extra support. 

I also decided to add black leather details in the toes and heel. For the toe detail I cut 2 piece of leather that is 2.5'' long (6cm) using the given TOE pattern as a guide.

For the heel detail I cut 2 pieces of leather that were each 1/2'' wide (1,5 cm) and 7'' long (9cm).

I also added a leather detail in the soles buy placing the leather wrong side up and tracing the soles using a china marker. 

2) Fuse the interfacing to each of the fabric pieces fusing the stabilizer pieces first.

Pin fashion fabric to lining with the right sides together. 

Using the E6000, glue the leather piece to the jute soles. Fold the leather heel detail in half lengthwise and glue leaving about 1' of the folded end unglued.

3) Sew HEEL and TOE pieces using a 3/8'' (0,95 cm) seam allowance around the edge leaving an 2" (5 cm) opening so you can flip the pieces. 

Trim corners and excess fabric so the seam allowance is 1/8'' (0.3cm).

Turn pieces right sides out. Fold opening allowance inside, press and topstitch opening and curve of heel for better finished look. 

Glue leather Heel and Toe details. Topstitch at edge of toe detail and around heel detail.

4) Create an overlapping guideline by making a line 2'' (5cm) long in the lining of the toe, 5/8'' from the inner curve. Align ends of heel and pin as shown. 

5) With the right sides up, topstitch edge of toe. You can reinforce it by sewing a small triangle over the overlapping heel part like I did.

Pin fabric to jute soles starting from the back heel working your way to toe.

6) Cut a piece of yarn 90'' long (229 cm) and pull trough Beeswax. Using the Dritz needles stitch along edge of shoe using a blanket stitch using a 1/4'' seam allowance (0.6 cm). 

And that's it!!! 

I hope you enjoy this tutorial!! Please leave your comments and questions below and share your makes with me!